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The Best Diets for Men Might be about Boosting Muscle Mass

Men will commonly be very interested in packing on a lot of muscle mass. They do not just want to gain a little bit of muscle. Some may be interested in gaining a full 20lbs or more of muscle. The obvious way to achieve this would be to hit the gym and lift a great deal of weights. What might not be so obvious would be the dietary adjustments required when muscle gain is the desired outcome.

What are the best diets for men as far as packing on muscle mass is concerned. First, the diet has to be one very high in calories. Unless you greatly up your calorie intake, it will become impossible for the body to significantly produce the requisite calories for increased muscle mass. Among the simplest ways to do so would be to multiply your body weight by 15. This would be the full amount of calories you would need to eat on a daily basis to see a huge improvement in muscle mass. A lot of protein will be required for muscle gains as well.

You definitely want to be sure the calories you do ingest are quality calories. When you eat a ton of calories from low quality foods, you end up packing on a lot of fat.