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Is Linux the Best Website Hosting Available?

bus3There likely will never be a consensus on what is the best website hosting service. For some, a website hosting service that offers Linux hosting might very well be the best. Not everyone really understands the differences between a hosting company that works with Linux and one that works with Windows. Linux can state one of its best benefits would be the fact it offers an open source platform. This creates a great deal of flexibility for those interested in making necessary alterations and improvements to the website as it is released to the public.

Of course, Windows hosting will be flexible as well but some will point out they find Linux to be among the very best of the services available. The fact that Linux hosting can be offered at inexpensive rates to be one of the better selling points.

Linux is not a new web hosting concept. Because it has been around for many years, it is well established as being reliable. Newer forms of web hosting might have merit, but they do not have the lengthy track record of Linux which makes Linux a bit more appealing.