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Free Versions of Commercial Anti-Virus Programs Do Exist

What is better a free anti virus software program or a commercial one? Should you take the plunge and just buy a commercial software program and skip the free one? There may be a much better option. You can try the free version of the software and then sign up for the full commercial version. Yes, you may be able to do just that. Often, commercial software programs will offer a free version that is scaled down from the commercial release. The idea at work here is if you like the free version, then you will be interested in upgrading to the commercial one. In many instances, the free version will offer quite a number of protections. This can end up being fine for many internet users. Others, such as those that download a great deal or receive a great many emails with attachments, might find the commercial version to be a better acquisition.

Either way, it would not hurt to invest a little time trying out a free program or two. Nothing can give you a better indication of the value of the program than actually giving a version of it a try. There might be a number of beneficial differences with the commercial version. However, the free version might end up being more than enough.