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Does the Diet Industry Really Off the Best Diets for Women

There have been a lot of excellent diet programs that have been geared towards women. A large segment of the consumer base for diet products are women. The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar one and it is sometimes formed with some less than stellar offerings. Anyone that looks over the cover pages of many women’s magazines will quickly notice there are many horrible diets claiming women can lose weight while eating such things as chocolate cake or pudding. You just might be able to lose weight with such food choices if you only eat two slices a cake per day and nothing else. Obviously, such strategies would not reflect the best diets for women. What they do reflect is major restrictions in calories leading to huge water weight loss and little else.

Women are well advised to stay away from such troubling and weak diet plans. There are far better ones available.

Among the top diets women will find helpful would be the Mediterranean Diet and the venerable Weight Watchers program. These programs offer very helpful and healthy food choices that can lead to losing weight in a relatively easy manner… provided the diet instructions are followed.