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Is Linux the Best Website Hosting Available?

There likely will never be a consensus on what is the best website hosting service. For some, a website hosting service that offers Linux hosting might very well be the best. Not everyone really understands the differences between a hosting company that works with Linux and one that works with Windows. Linux can state one […]

Thinking The Best Web Hosting Sites Through to Make The Perfect Selection

Web hosting services seem to be emerging with amazing frequency. At one time, that would have been a surprising figure. Only 15 years ago, there were people that did not believe publishing a website would have any benefit on their businesses. It was assumed that only niche based internet marketing companies could have any need […]

Comparisons for Hosting and Backup Services

Comparisons are very necessary to perform when looking into signing up with a hosting or a backup service. The reason for this is it is hard to make a determination as to which service is the best without examining it in proper context. Proper context would be best described as looking how different companies offer […]

Free Versions of Commercial Anti-Virus Programs Do Exist

What is better a free anti virus software program or a commercial one? Should you take the plunge and just buy a commercial software program and skip the free one? There may be a much better option. You can try the free version of the software and then sign up for the full commercial version. […]

Online Computer Backup Storage for Audio and Video

Can online backup services offer a means in which audio and video files can be saved? Yes, an online computer backup service is capable of helping you store audio and video files. All you require will be enough space to do so. How much space you require will be based on how much audio and […]

The Uniqueness of Small Business Web Hosting

Is there much of a difference between publishing a website for commercial pursuits and noncommercial pursuits? In many ways, the answer is actually no. There are quite a number of commonalities between these two types of websites. When it comes to the hosting aspect, however, there might be quite a number of pronounced differences. A […]